My first Award.... and My nominations for it ...

>> January 21, 2009

didn't  believe it either... but Steph from ScrappyCocoa  (she's got an amazing blog..check it out..) had nominated me and 4 others for this award. Am soo excited..Thanks Steph....  i really haven't received one before and am still wondering what to do... just thought i'd share it with everyone. And supposed to pass it along to my fav blogs that Practice Tender Loving Care (TLC)...lets see...hmm....

here are my picks for the Blog TLC award... Am giving it to them for showing wonderful generosity over the years and helping many newbies like me with their amazing work and superb freebies... 

1.Angie at IkeaGoddess
2.Suzee at Suzee-q-stuff

thanks guys... 
hope u inspire many more like me ...


IkeaGoddess January 23, 2009 at 2:08 PM  

Thank you for the award, it's very sweet of you. Have a great weekend.

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