Discounts, Discounts and a Coupon ...

>> April 30, 2009

Remember i was telling you all that there are going to be many freebies and discounts across scrap land for NSD (National Scrapbooking Day)? Well.. i'll update you as i get to know them. First, here is one amazing offer. Scrap That Store is having a store wide discount of 50% on NSD (24hrs only). And we all know the amazing designers who sell there , dont we ? Here is their ad, check it out and for more info check Stacey's Blog, where you'll get more info about increasing your discounts !


Quickpages, anyone ??

This kit, never seems to end , does it ?!...But am loving that you guys are having fun with this kit. So here are the quickpages. I made two. And you know what, these are the proper QPs i've ever made for my kit. So they are kind of special and anyway...they aren't that bad , are they ?
Hope they come in handy !! And check back here again, i have some amazing info about discounts for NSD !!!

*** password : myworld ***


Speed Scrap At STS

Its speed scrap time at STS forum. And its this afternoon. Dont forget to join us...

here is the info and and below that is the PP you'll get for playing along (Its from Scraps of Ellay)..


Color my World -Part3

>> April 29, 2009

Its the middle of the week already !! And i still have soo much to do for the week. I've got many Layouts lined up and waiting to be completed and some kits as well... Oh boy... !!

Well.. back to todays business... here is the Part3 of Color my World kit. I'm sooo happy with all the lovely messages i received for this kit. And again and again BIG HUGS to you all !! thank you ! Tomorrow... its quick page time !!! So drop in and collect them as well !!

*** password : myworld ***


News from Scrap land and also Part 2 - Color My world

>> April 28, 2009

Hope you are all enjoying my new kit so far. You can get the first part of the elements today. But before that, many things going on in scrap world.
First, Stacey from Stacey's Scraps has teamed up with Vicki and Mel for a fabulous spring kit called 'Showers in Spring'. And you know what...its FREE !!! Here is my LO using them,.

And here is Stacey's part of the collab. Click on it go to her blog and also to check out Mel's and Vicki's part..
Now..on to other news... you know about the party at STS forum this week ? Though the National Scrapbooking day is on May2nd, still.. we have already started the celebration. Many challenegs , free goodies from designers, more fun and much much more..... Also the STS designers have come together for a collab (and beleive me, this kit is HUGE ! ) and this kit will be released in parts over a period of 20 days !! Imagine.. in 20 days you would a huge kit and that too free... check out the below flyer for more info ..or click here for STS Forum.

Oh well.. onto my freebie for the day... elements 1 of the kit 'Color My world'. Come back tomorrow for the Part3 (Oh yes.. there is a Part3 for this kit and also some more, till saturday !! )

*** password : myworld ***


Color My World - Part 1 - freebie !!

>> April 27, 2009

Many interesting things happening this week.. Its the week leading up to the 'National Scrapbooking Day' and also many designers are offering lots of goodies for you.And i'll keep updating you on the who and where !! For now, lets start with 'yours' is my new mini-kit for the week. Its called 'Color My World'. A picture of an Hindu god with all its colors and grandeur inspired my palette for this kit. Hope you all enjoy using them.

Also , another interesting thing is that now i have 3 interesting ladies guesting CT for me for now. They are guests, because its not a permanent CT spots . So if any of you are also interested in being guests for me on occasional kits, let me know. Here is the kit preview,

Here are the CT's Layouts. First is by Chrissy, she made two...
This is Glenda's :

And the third one is by Jessi :

Here is the preview again...and also the papers . There are totally 3 parts to this kit and also some addons and some quick pages too...So click on the papers to download them today. And come back again tomorrow for the Part2.

*** password : myworld ***


Stuff To Scrap Party !!

>> April 26, 2009

Well.. i've already told you the 'when'... and now here is the 'how'.. We are having a huge party at Stuff To Scrap Forum for the National Scrapbook Day. And its a week long celebration of challenges, chats , goodies and ofcourse lots and lots of friends !!
Here are the details... click on the flyer to go directly to the foum.


Stacey's new kit - To the beach !

Hi guys.. another weekend almost to a close...but mine was awesome !! You are now looking at a proud owner of a Bamboo Tablet !!! Yeayyyyy !!! I still have to experiment with it, and for now am happy, just admiring it !!
So there are lots of freebies for you in scrapland and some store goodies as well. But one look at those stores , you'll defnitely want to buy everything in them !! Here is one such kit of Stacey. Her new store kit "To the Beach" is up for sale. Its a bright, funky and outrageous beach kit. I had soo much fun making this LO with it :

Here is the preview of the kit. Click on it to go to Stacey's Blog, where you'll get to know more about this funky kit and more awesome LO's. Or click here for her Store.

My new free kit will be releasing tomorrow. And its got bright hues !!
** psssstt.....And if you want a sneak peak the kit... keep an eye on this blog today...!!


You're Invited...but where is the PARTY ??!!

>> April 23, 2009

I totally forgot to post this. But am not that late here goes..

First of all and most importantly... did you know it was National Scrapbooking Day on May2nd. And we are having a HUGE party at Stuff To scrap forum. Since we been aorund only for some months now, this happens to be our FIRST PARTY !! So come on over, we have lots and lots of thing planned for you, and thats not all,..whats a party without party favours right ?!!.. There are lots of scrap goodies to be won too !! and that too , just for participating !! Take a look at this banner, and click on it, register (if you already havent) and lets PARTYYY !!

Secondly ofcourse, its Speed Scrap Announcement for Stuff to Scrap Forum !! This time its on Apr25th and hosted by Lori. Here is the flyer for more info and its also linked to the forum (just click on it ) and below that is the prize for playing with us (FREEeee !! )...

We'll see you there...


Happy Earth Day and also Part 2 elements !!

>> April 22, 2009

When i signed in today, i came to know that today was Earth Day. Though i'm not a big time enviromentalist, i still adore this planet , so i support and salute those who are in active struggle to save it !! Having said that... Have a Wonderful Earth Day by remembering the 3 R's.....

And now for todays FREEBIE... here are the elements for the 'Everyday Moments'

***password : moments ***


Everyday Moments - Part1

>> April 20, 2009

Its time for the FREE kit... its called 'Everyday Moments' and its a blend of yellows and greys. Hope you all like this one !! And for today ,you can grab the papers and come back again in a day or two for the elements . Click on the previews... to download

***password : moments ***


Stacey's Circle of Life

Lots of FREE things coming your way today..and i know a couple of them. First of all..Stacey has just released her new free kit 'Circle of Life' . This is a fun, animals themed kit, perfect for all those zoo and wildlife pictures.
And i for one dont have any zoo pictures. So i chose some pictures which we took in India. And back home, some elephants reside in temples and they are a huge attraction for those coming there. And i for one, just adore them. And these pictures are also special coz it was abhi's first 'up close and personal' with them !! We thought he would be scared out of his skins..but he really enjoyed them. Here is the LO i made using 'Circle of Life' :

Check out her kit preview... isn't it cute ? Click on it to go to her blog. There are many LOs from her CTs there. And they are super cute.

And secondly.. my new mini-kit for the week is ready, i just need to upload it. So i'll be back in sometime with it. Remember its FREE..... so drop in again !!


Shelby's new kit !!

>> April 19, 2009

Many of you would know Shelby from Jenanis Design . I came across her blog and her products some time back .. they were really really interesting and ofcourse amazing. Not only is she a member at STS , she is also one of their new designers . So when she extended a guest CT call... i jumped right in .And that kit is 'Boys Summer' and it is up on her blog right now and its FREE. Its a wonderful kit for scrapping boys pages and so much more . Here is the LO i made with it :

And here is the preview of her kit. Click on it to go to her blog and grab this kit !!


Good weekend and a new kit from Stacey

Hi there... its a been a relaxing weekend so far. And i guess many designers are all gearing up for their next week's releases. And ofcourse our very own Stacey has many such beautys coming your way in the following days.Just take a look at her new store kit called 'Serenity'. Its an asian inspired kit and it was a wide spread use. Here is LO i made :

You get the kit at her store here or you can hop on over to her blog and get more info and more inspirations too..Stacey's Blog

And come back tomorrow for my new FREE mini-kit.....


SS#18 at STS tomorrow !!

The famous SS is back at Stuff to Scrap Forum and this time its tomorrow and hosted by the very sweet Brittany. And she has a cute PP for just playing along !! Click on the flyer to go to the forum and for more details.


Sneak peek

>> April 18, 2009

How is the week going for you all ?? mine is fine so far. My PSE crashed today morning and i had to scramble to fix it and now its fine ... i guess !! And so i was able to make a sneak peak of next weeks kit. This will be released on don't forget to come back !!


Yaayyy Weekend is here !!

>> April 17, 2009

Oh well.. no freebie today ... but i do have one next week as usual.
Its been kind of a lazy friday so far. And as far as my scrap life goes.. i just completed one LO today . And for the rest of the just gonna relax and not touch my PSE !! And hopefully start of a relaxing weekend !
And thanks for all the wonderful messages you guys left...i really loved reading each one of them,,even if it was just a 'thanks'. It was really amazing to know that so many liked my designs. Well guys... thanks again and i really appreciate all the love !!

You all have a wonderful weekend and dont forget to drop in tomorrow to get a sneak peak of the next week's freebie !!



Midnight Ball - Part2

>> April 15, 2009

Woohooo... am so happy that all of you are loving this kit !! And thanks to all who have left amazing messages right here and also at 4shared !! Hope you love the elements as well.. here they are.
Oh ya...before i forget i wanted to share a layout i made using this kit. And i really liked how it turned out ! I used a template by Manda from Nibbles Skribbles. You should really check out her blog for such amazing templates... they are wonderful and shes got many free ones too !! She gave away this particular one for the April Template Challenge at Stuff To Scraps Forum.. which ofcourse is hosted by her !! So stop by there too and check out some cool chanllenges..some amazing people..and sometimes loads of freebies !!

other credits @ my STS Gallery
And finally.. for the elements ..
** password : midnight ***


Comfort is FREE

>> April 14, 2009

Did you check out Stacey's new kit ??! Its called 'Comfort' and its FREE !!! Yaaayyy !!
Check out her blog now and start collecting this kit. And here is the preview.. just click on it !!


Midnight Ball kit !! Part-1

>> April 13, 2009

Hey guys.. am back again with the FREEBIE.
This one is called 'Midnight Ball' and i really had soo much fun making this one. I got inspired from a 'saree' i have. (And incase anyone is wondering what a 'saree' is.. its the traditional wear of an indian women ! ) So as i was saying... this saree had blues and some hints of greys and it was really cool !! And so i thought of making a kit with those colors !! Hope you all like them too..
For today, you can grab the papers and then, come back later in the week for the elements !

*** password : midnight ***


SS#16 @ STS

Tonight its Speed Scrap time at STS. Do drop in and play along... this time its our very own Nicole who is hosting it and just take a look at the PP she is offering just for playing along.. So click on the flyer and come on over...

And i'll be back again in a short time for my FREEBIE !!


Gorgeous kits...

>> April 12, 2009

Hi there...
The Fabulous Stacey has 2 new gorgeous kits in her store today !! Its called 'Ivy League' and 'Doodle Me this'. And just take a look at the previews !! Dont you just want to grab them immediately ?!! Stop by her store today and you can get lots of discounts too...

But first... take a look at the LOs i came up with.

The first one is with 'Ivy League' and the picture is from my engagement !! Its my Mehendhi picture !! Mehendhi is 'Henna' designing on hands and feet. Its soo popular back home in India and is a very important part of our Weddings.

The second LO is with her 'Doodle me This' kit. These pictures were taken during my husbands Six flags trip.

And here are the previews of the gorgeous kits. Click on 'em and get to the store NOW !! or click here to go to Stacey's Blog

Don't forget to check back in tomorrow for my new FREE mini-kit....


A sneak peek...

>> April 11, 2009

Its been a hectic day so far... and i hardly had time to check my mails.. I just thought i would take a break from scrap land for one single day !! And still... i just couldn't help myself in giving you guys this sneak preview of my upcoming kit next week. So here you go... and see you all soon with the freebie...


Speed Scraps #15 @ STS

>> April 10, 2009

After a long time i finally made it to a Speed Scraps at Stuff To scraps !! And oh boy..wasn't it fun !! As usual many showed up and there were amazing LOs in the end !! Deanna was responsible for that. She had wonderful instructions for us and the result was..well.. worth it !!

Here is the LO i came up with.

credits @ STS Gallery
And we are having another Speed Scraps (SS#15) again tomorrow. (Sat-Apr11).This time Manda from Nibbles Skribbles will be hosting it. Check out this flyer for more info and click on it to get to the forum !
If you've never been to one...what r u waiting for ??!!! come on'll be getting this PP for just having fun with us...

So see you all there..


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