Winter Bash - Part 2

>> December 30, 2008

So its already Tuesday and almost the end of the year !!!

Time is something, i feel i hardly have... 
Well now on to  todays FREEBIE.. Its the part 2 of the Winter Bash Kit. Hope you have downloaded the part 1..if not... scroll down. And now that you have the entire kit...let me know what you think... and i would love to see what layouts you make with them.... 

Enjoy... And have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a safe celebrations...
More Freebies to follow in the new year as well !! 

This is the entire Kit...

Todays FREEBIE : Part 2


My DPH Challenge layout.

>> December 25, 2008

I'm very excited.... I've joined this amazing forum called Digital Paper Hearts and have participated in my first ever challenge there !! Its a journal challenge and it has come out well.

This is the layout i made and also the link to their gallery. Come and check it out. :)


Merry Christmas and Enjoy my WINTER BASH mini-kit PART - 1

>> December 24, 2008

Its been a week since my last give away .. wow !! 

I'm back with another mini-kit. I named it First Snow initially... but then, i ended up  making less of snow and more of crazy. So i ended up naming it WINTER BASH
There are 2 Parts to the kit - The Papers and the Elements. For now you can download  the Papers and for the elements .... haha ... you have to wait till next tuesday !!! 
So come back again next week, and grab them.

Pssst.... i'll be trying my hand at making some QUICKPAGES with this kit... which i'll be giving away during this weekend. So grab them too and let me know how they are.
Ok then c ya later... 
Do pen in your thoughts about this kit.... i'd love to read them.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone !!! 

This is  the entire WINTER BASH mini-kit

But....for this weeks FREEBIE... the Winter Bash Papers set...

click on the preview to download


Earthy Hues PART 2 - Add Ons

>> December 20, 2008

Well.. at last ... here are the elements for the Earthy Hues mini-kit. I know i had already given 2 elements with the kit itself... but later on, i felt i could do more... and so here, they are.  They are all very simple embellishments and are all by-products of my trials and errors... hope you all like them. 
And incase you haven't downloaded the EARTHY HUES mini-kit , pls scroll down.... its FREE

And as i had said earlier... i'm working on my next mini-kit it should be ready by next friday (or before... incase i finish it earlier ). Ok then.... got to go now....

Have a fun weekend !! 

Download HERE

(background is not included in this package.... )


A Blog makeover !!!

>> December 18, 2008

Well... how u do like my new background ??? neat huh ??

 i was working on this all day yesterday and i feel it came out cute.... what do you guys think ??? 
Since all of yesterday went by like this... i will start working on my already promised freebies today..ASAP !! Lets see if i can have some goodies for you by tomorrow.
And pssst.... for the blog's new look... i've used papers from my upcoming (but yet to be finished) kit... u can say its a sneak preview !! So watch out for that kit in a couple of weeks....


Summary for the Week... more FREEBIES to come !!

>> December 17, 2008

Hey guys... thanks for all the downloads ( hope you all have fun with 'em )

Now for some UPDATES on my FREEBIES...

First thing first....I forgot to mention one thing in my last post ....
the kit EARTHY HUES is just PART 1.... i will be adding couple of more elements to the kit and will be posting as EARTHY HUES PART 2.... which btw will happen this week. Check that out too...

Secondly, am working on this other kit... which has got some amazing colors and it reminds me of a cute dress i once used to have!! So keep a look out for that kit also. I will post it as soon as am finished.

Last but not least... i'm thinking of changing my bannner and the blog background. So am looking at various options regarding that. Hopefully, i should settle on one by today and have a whole new outlook tomorrow.

thats all for now.... Chao !!


This time its Earthy Hues.. PART-1

>> December 15, 2008

Well.. am back with my second digital freebie( kit.. or should i say mini-kit. This time i went all earthy.

I'm also soo excited that many have downloaded my previous kit. Thanks guys !!
Hope you all like this one too. Do leave in your thoughts...i'd love to read 'em.

(click on the preview to download )

Credits : Font - Pea Kelly Jelly


Am i excited !!

>> December 13, 2008

Oooo.... Am soo excited... My first kit has been listed in Digifree and many are downloading it. I cant beleive it myself. Am already working on my second kit. Hopefully i will be posting it in a day or two. Look out for it !!

Oh ya...... and did u guys notice.. i had left out the TOU file in my previous kit ? hopefully will be including it in the next. And if u guys notice anything else that i had missed out, do let me in on it !!

and thanks again everyone.


My FIRST ever kit ... a FREEBIE !!

>> December 9, 2008

Here it is... after much deliberation, I've bravely tried my hands at designing. I loved the grey color palette and so started off from there. Its just as small kit with a couple of embellishments.
My 'Feeling Grey' digital scrapbook kit is FREE , so go ahead and experiment. In case you encounter some problems with them...plzz let me know.

Hope you guys like it ! 

Download HERE

Credits : Font - Pea Kelly Jelly


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