Not too Shabby – Stacey’s new store kit

>> June 28, 2009

That's the name of  Stacey’s new kit. And its in stores today. Its a very elegant kit with lots a subtle greens and blues and the elements are way too cute. Take a look at my layout using it.


And here is the preview of the kit. Click here for Stacey’s Blog , you can check out more inspiration and more details regarding the kit there.


My TOU (Terms of Use) – revised as of 07/01/2009

These TOUs are also available as text file along with all my design downloads.



Thank you for downloading my designs from Dreams Inspired blog.

These designs/files were created for Dreams Inspired by Keyr Arun. All my designs are for PERSONAL USE (PU) ONLY, unless otherwise stated on the previews or in individual product TOUs.


  • You may alter the graphics for your personal preference, but cannot claim the altered product as your own
  • You may submit layouts made using Dreams Inspired products to online galleries, competitions, magazines etc . But proper credit should be given to Keyr Arun of DREAMS INSPIRED
  • You may create a scrap pages and other  gifts  for self, family and friends using my designs, but only the flattened image should be given out to them


  • You may not re-distribute my products in any form.
  • You may not use any of my designs for pornographic, harmful, racial, obscene or defamatory works
  • You may not use them for your commercial use and  monetary gain of any kind
  • You may not alter any of my Quick Pages or other FREEBIES and give them away on your Blogs for FREE / for SALE

QUICKPAGES using my kits:

  • For the Quickpages i make using my own kits, all the above mentioned TOUs hold.
  • My QPs are for PERSONAL USE only

QUICKPAGES using other Designers Kits

  • For Quickpages i make using other Designers kit, i have proper approval/ permission from them  to use their kits and also to host them on my blog for FREE download. You may use such QPs   for your PERSONAL USE only.
  • For such QPs , all my above  TOU and also the TOU’s of the Designer, holds. So pls READ them BOTH.
  • My QPs are for PERSONAL USE only

For any questions or clarifications on the above TOU, pls email Keyr Arun at



Friday Freebie

>> June 26, 2009

I know ..its been a long time since i gave away any kind of  freebie !! I’ve been really busy scrappin’ and also taking some time out. And it was really fun !! lol.  But i missed how it felt to give away stuff ... and i’m glad that i’m back. You can expect some kind of FREEBIE from me from now on and mostly, i’ll try to post it on Fridays (you see,.. i really need the whole week to make something !! ) . But blog trains and designers QPs  are exceptions to this. I’m hoping to make this Friday Freebie my blog trend, so even if not every week, maybe every other week. But I’ll need all your support and lots and lots of love, to make sure i get going… :)
Here is the first Friday Freebie. Its a set of Transparent Journaling Tags. Hope you all find it useful in your pages. Let me know what you think it or if it needs some thing more or something else, just leave a comment  and i’ll try to work on that.
See you later..


Wild Thing QP - FREE

>> June 25, 2009

Here is the Wild thing QP. (scroll down couple of posts for my LO using the QP)

And if haven’t downloaded the kit, then head over to Nicole’s Blog now, to get it.  And don’t forget to drop in tomorrow, for my FREEBIE FRIDAY !!



Summer Sale @ STS store

>> June 24, 2009

Don’t you always love SALES… i love them, any discounts , half price sales,clearance sales…anything !!  And there are gonna be lots this Summer…especially in scrap land.. and i’ll post them as and when i hear them.

And here is the first one @ Stuff To Scrap store. Remember the sale is 30% OFF for 3 days only !! Click on the flyer if you want to take a look around the store…


100 posts and more..and freebies for the week !

>> June 23, 2009

I cannot believe i have made 100 posts on my blog !! It just seems like yesterday when i started this blog and also gave myself 2 months to close it !! Thats how i am sometimes… and now to think that my blog is still open and have 32 followers …WOW !! Thanks for all your support guys,… and thanks for all the love and wonderful messages you guys leave !!

You all know, i was making mini-kits for you all almost every week. And i had also said that i’m going to decrease the frequency of them as well. Well i didn’t update you all on that. So here is the thing, i’ll be making just couple of kits per month and of course they will be  FREEBIES and also some small scale FREEBIES as well. So be on a look out for them, in the coming days !!! 

And how was Father’s day weekend for you all ?.. we went to this beautiful riverside park where they had a water-skiing exhibition. It was a small one but Abhi thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. And now… we are back to a brand new week..

Stacey from Stacey’ Scraps has 2 new kits for you all… one of them is a FREEBIE.  Its called ‘Those Dalmatians’  and right..its a puppy and doggie themed kit. I don't have a layout for this kit, as i took a 1 week off of all CT duty, but here is the kit preview,


And her store kit is called ‘Fathers Day’. Its a beautiful boy themed kit. And you’ll love it. Here is the preview of the kit. (did you notice the hammer and other tools ??!! cool huh ?? ) Click here for Stacey’s Blog where you can find more inspirations from other CTs and also other cool FREEBIES…


Nicole from Digi-Designs by Nicole also has a new kit for you. Its a collab  with Steph of Scrappy Cocoa. And these girls have done an amazing job. This kit is called ‘Wild Thing’ and its FREE on their blogs for this week.  Its a bright and colorful and funky kit. And there are gorgeous elements to go with it too…  i kind of managed a layout with this one


and this will be given away as a Quickpage in a day or two. So be on a look out for it.. and here are the kit previews. Each one is linked to their respective blogs. There are lots more inspirations there and who knows…some more freebies as well…. rush now… :)

Nicole’s Part :

Steph’s Part:

Thats all for now… enjoy all your freebies and be sure to drop in later for a QP and a FREEBIE from me… hint: its NOT  a mini-kit !!  ;)



Beach House QP - FREEBIE

>> June 18, 2009

And as promised, here is the QP i made using Nicole’s Kit “Beach House”. Have fun. And if you are looking for more QPs, visit Nicole’s Blog for more…




More FREEBIES for you…

>> June 15, 2009

Stacey and Nicole each have some amazing goodies for you all this week. Nicole has just released her ‘Beach House’ kit. Its a collab between her and Deanna of flowerscraps !! Take a look at the LO i made using this kit.


And here is the preview of the kit, this is Nicole’s part and below that is Deanna’s part. Click on each ,to get to their respective blogs for download !

Also , dont forget to stop by later in the week, i’ve made a Quick page (see layout above ). So stop by, grab that Freebie as well.

Next is Stacey’s new kit. Its called ‘the 3 pigs’. lol… its a whimsical and fantasy oriented kit. It has cute piggies and wolves and gardens and so much more,. here is the layout i made..


and here is the preview of the kit. Click on it for Stacey’s Blog.

And remember all the above kits are FREE…so rush now and grab them as soon as you can !!


Tweet Heart kit in Stores !!

>> June 14, 2009

Hi guys.. hope everyone had a fun weekend !  And since its the beginning of the week, Stacey has her new kit in her stores. This one is a really cute and colorful one called ‘Tweet Heart’. Here is the LO i made using it.


And here is preview of the kit,


You can get this kit in her stores here or you can go  to her blog here for a detailed look on the kit and also for more inspirations !!

I’ll be back tomorrow for couple of more kits and my layouts using them. See you all then..


Speed scraps again @ STS

>> June 11, 2009

Oh yes… its SS time again at STS. Here is the flyer for more info. And also below that is the PP you’ll be getting for playing along with us. Come and join us ! Click on  the flyer.

*** note : this SS is today !!!


Speed Scrap @ STS Forum

>> June 9, 2009

Its been a long time since i posted about our Speed Scraps at Stuff To Scrap Forum. Its been going on well and the fun just keeps growing ! Our next one is scheduled for tonight. Its also hosted by Nicole of Digi-Designs By Nicole. And here is the flyer for more info . And also take a look at the amazing PP she has for you for just playing along. Its a set of 6 word arts !! how cool is that ? Click on the flyer to get redirected to the STS forum.  See you all there.




>> June 8, 2009

Hello everyone… how was your weekend ? Ours was spent indoors due to bad weather… its been raining for the past 2 days here. But there was one good thing to this, i got to do some house hold chores !! lol

Well lets come back to today… i have lots of info on cool kits for you. And they are all FREE !!! First of all , here is the LO i made, as a CT, using Nicole’s new kit. Its called ‘Family Memories’ and its a collab between Digi-designs by Nicole and Gettin’ Scrappy with Britt.


And here is the preview of the her part and Brit’s part. Click here for Nicole’s blog, where you can download the papers today.

Now isn’t that cool. You can download both these parts for FREE this week !! Also you might want to check Nicole’s store at ‘Stuff to Scrap’ too. All her amazing works are at incredible prices there.

Now onto the next FREEBIE… Stacey has released her new FREEBIE for the week. Its called ‘Sleep Tight’. Its got some cute naptime/bedtime elements in it.

And here is the LO i made using it.


And here is the preview of the entire kit. and you can get them for FREE at Stacey’s Scraps (this week only… so rush now !! )

pssst… there are some more cool FREEBIES in her blog as well… don’t forget to go through past posts !!

And lastly… have you signed up for ‘Scrap that Idea’ newsletter ? It gives you lots of information on the store, discounts, sales and gallery standouts and much much more. And the best part is the newsletter freebie. Oh yes…you can get an entire kit for free !! Now how cool is that ? Check out this month’s free kit from Sara of ‘Sweet Blossoms Designs’ and the layout i made using it.Its called ‘Apple Delight’ . And remember… you can get this FREE only if you sign up for the newsletter !! And you can do so here


Happy freebie hunting everyone…. see you all later.


Amazing kits around scrapland !!

>> June 7, 2009

Its been a while since i posted on my blog. And i have lots to mention !!

First of all, the designers @ Stuff to Scraps have come with a HUGE, HUGE collab kit, called ‘On the Go’. Its got 91 papers (Oh yes.. 91 papers !!!)  and 204 elements ! Not only that, its got a full Alpha and also a brag book. Here is the preview of this amazing kit. Click on it, to go to the store.


Wait.. there is more… Stacey of Stacey’s Scraps has 2 new kits in her store right now. One is called ‘Owl Always Love You’ and another one called ‘Those were the Days’ . They are really cute and totally unique kits… here are LOs i made using them along with the previews. click on the previews to go to Stacey’s blog.

Owl Always Love you layout :


Those were the days : 



I’ll be back later , for information on  another interesting kit i was working on.


Stacey’s new kits and more info on her store !!

>> June 1, 2009

Stacey has just released her store and her blog freebie kits. You should definitely have a look.. they are really really cool !!  Also many wonderful things are going on at her store ‘Scrap that Idea’ . So follow along…and listen carefully.

First of all the store kit. Its called ‘Rip Zone’. Its an awesome, skateboarding themed kit. And though, i don't have any such pictures , i improvised ! Here is the LO i made with the kit.


And here is the preview of the kit, click on it to get to Stacey’s Blog  for more info on discounts on this kit.

And secondly her, freebie for the week. Its an amazing, amazing kit called ‘2 Hearts’. And i found a perfect picture for it too.. here is my LO using the kit,


And here is the preview of the kit ,just click on it and go to her blog and start collecting this wonderful kit …for FREE !!

Now for the store updates. You all know, Stacey and 3 other designers own the ‘Scrap That Idea’ store. They have this wonderful Collab going on every month. And for this month, the June Collab kit is called the ‘Beach Hut’. And yes, its a proper beach themed kit and perfect for all those wonderful beach pictures you are all going to take this summer !! Take a look at the LO i made using it.


And here is the amazing kit…

Click on the preview to go her store. And while you’re there take a look at all the other wonderful kits they have. You know… many are at discounted prices !!

And lastly,Stacey’s store now has a ‘Scrap That Idea Blog’. They have weekly contests, discounts, store news, upcoming kits and many more. Click here for Scrap That Idea Blog. Follow along …we’ll see you there !!


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