My TOU (Terms of Use) – revised as of 07/01/2009

>> June 28, 2009

These TOUs are also available as text file along with all my design downloads.



Thank you for downloading my designs from Dreams Inspired blog.

These designs/files were created for Dreams Inspired by Keyr Arun. All my designs are for PERSONAL USE (PU) ONLY, unless otherwise stated on the previews or in individual product TOUs.


  • You may alter the graphics for your personal preference, but cannot claim the altered product as your own
  • You may submit layouts made using Dreams Inspired products to online galleries, competitions, magazines etc . But proper credit should be given to Keyr Arun of DREAMS INSPIRED
  • You may create a scrap pages and other  gifts  for self, family and friends using my designs, but only the flattened image should be given out to them


  • You may not re-distribute my products in any form.
  • You may not use any of my designs for pornographic, harmful, racial, obscene or defamatory works
  • You may not use them for your commercial use and  monetary gain of any kind
  • You may not alter any of my Quick Pages or other FREEBIES and give them away on your Blogs for FREE / for SALE

QUICKPAGES using my kits:

  • For the Quickpages i make using my own kits, all the above mentioned TOUs hold.
  • My QPs are for PERSONAL USE only

QUICKPAGES using other Designers Kits

  • For Quickpages i make using other Designers kit, i have proper approval/ permission from them  to use their kits and also to host them on my blog for FREE download. You may use such QPs   for your PERSONAL USE only.
  • For such QPs , all my above  TOU and also the TOU’s of the Designer, holds. So pls READ them BOTH.
  • My QPs are for PERSONAL USE only

For any questions or clarifications on the above TOU, pls email Keyr Arun at



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