Stacey's Circle of Life

>> April 20, 2009

Lots of FREE things coming your way today..and i know a couple of them. First of all..Stacey has just released her new free kit 'Circle of Life' . This is a fun, animals themed kit, perfect for all those zoo and wildlife pictures.
And i for one dont have any zoo pictures. So i chose some pictures which we took in India. And back home, some elephants reside in temples and they are a huge attraction for those coming there. And i for one, just adore them. And these pictures are also special coz it was abhi's first 'up close and personal' with them !! We thought he would be scared out of his skins..but he really enjoyed them. Here is the LO i made using 'Circle of Life' :

Check out her kit preview... isn't it cute ? Click on it to go to her blog. There are many LOs from her CTs there. And they are super cute.

And secondly.. my new mini-kit for the week is ready, i just need to upload it. So i'll be back in sometime with it. Remember its FREE..... so drop in again !!


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