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>> March 30, 2009

Hey guys... how have you all been. Am back from a month long trip/vacation to India. And what a trip it turned out to be. For one.. we got to meet our family and friends. But it also turned out to be a very little time to meet everyone and go everywhere !! Ahhhh... oh well.. however hectic it might have been, it still was a big break for us and we would definitely cherish it for a long time.

Now that am back in the scrap world, i need to update you all on many things. But am gonna skip on most of them, mainly coz, they would come as an old news to most of you. But here are some of them anyhow..

The freebies am offering will continue as usual, as a matter of fact, am thinking of giving away one mini-kit per week !! But that wont be immediately. Maybe in a months time.
And the Forum at Digi-Designs has been buzzing with activites.. and...( psssst... there is also a big announcement today... so be on a look at for that )
Stacey's new store at Scrap that Idea has been busy as well. The ladies over there have been making gorgeous kits and wonderful wonderful collabs. Dont forget to drop into the store and while your there , take a look at their gallery as well !

Well.. thats all for now, i'll be be posting my new free kit 'Spring Breeze' later in the day. Dont forget to grab it !!


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