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>> June 23, 2010

I’ve been abandoning my blog for close to 3 weeks now and i feel so bad about it. Personal life was completely occupying me all the while. but now I'm back and hope to take care of my poor blog more often now.

Here are all the layouts that I've been working on for the past several weeks.  Many of them use Sasha’s (Busy Bee Designs) Templates .

Ninie Designs :

[ Using the kit : Moment of Happiness ]


[Using the kit : Et Sea ]



[Using the kit : Crazy Garden and Busy Bee Designs : Easy Breezy Part 3 Templates ]


[Using the Kit : Delicate Peach and Busy Bee Designs : Easy Breezy Part 5 Templates ]



Stolen Moments :

[ Using the Kit : Exit #3 and Curved Templates : Bend in the Road ]


[ Using the Template : Scraps by Number : Just call me Alli and kit : Exit #3 ]



Joyce Paul Designs :

[ Using the kit : Tickled : Lime and Pink  and Busy Bee Designs : Easy Breezy Part 5 Templates ]



Phew !! …. That's all i can post for today… more layouts tomorrow !! byeee


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