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>> August 6, 2010

….. Jadyday Studio’s ongoing opening sale FREEBIES ?!?!….that's right…she is back !

And to celebrate her new store opening, she has been giving away freebies every single day , for the past few days.And believe me, you’ll be surprised at the freebies she is giving away…. they are gorgeous stuff  !!  Today she has posted a stitches pack. I loooooove stitches!!  I hope the links are still active for the older freebies…but hurry now and grab them, and while you are at it…. don't forget to leave a huge LOVE for Yari  !!  I’m sooo happy she is back to designing.

She also has a newsletter only FREEBIE…which, is an amazingly HUGE kit !! Seriously…i still cant believe they are all for FREE !!

Here is kit i was talking about…drop by her blog , and subscribe to the newsletter and grab the other goodies as well…. simple huh !!

Thanks again Yari…. glad to see you back girl !!


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